We'll save you $ on new home builds

Long-term sewer and stormwater damage on new home builds can hit builders where it hurts, by severely impacting both your reputation and your bank balance.

We've got the solution!

Our fixed-price Drainage Inspection Package catches issues before homeowners move in.   

The Stats

You'd be surprised by how many potential issues we can stop before they start, and how much your business can save in the long run.

$ 0 k

Compensation claims

One customer alone has saved $xxx on compensations claims by checking sewer and stormwater systems prior to settlement.

$ 0 k

Cost to repair down the track

Repairs from damage caused by long-term sewer and stormwater damage can run into the tens of thousands per repair.

Our Results in Numbers

Post-slab breaks found

Above ground
Below ground

Pre-Settlement breaks found

Above ground
Below ground

Drainflow is your one-stop-shop for all your sewerage and stormwater drain camera inspections, jetting and relining needs. We’re here to help you reduce your long-term costs from missed sewer and stormwater drain damage caused during a new home build.

Drain Inspection Package

Long-term water damage to new homes can cause massive warranty claims for builders over time. Ensure your new home build sewer & stormwater drains are in perfect working order before the owner moves in – for a fixed price.

Post-slab check

Once the slab is down, we’ll come in and complete a full sewer and stormwater drain inspection with our camera. All jetting and relining will be completed immediately on the spot. (On the rare occasion, where the slab needs to be cut to fix the problem, our team will coordinate with yours to book the job in at a time that suits you).

Pre-settlement check

You’d be surprised by the damage that can be created to sewer and stormwater systems during the normal build process, once the slab has been laid. The Pre-settlement inspection ensures that any damage pipes or blockages caused during the building process are cleared prior to settlement with the new homeowner, and before they move in.

Problems fixed on the spot

In most cases, we’re able to come in, complete your inspection and fix any issues on the spot. For major jobs that may require additional work such as cutting the slab & relining we get in touch to arrange the work with you. We understand that managing a worksite requires reliable suppliers and we ensure we’re there when required, on time, every time.

Full inspection report in 24 hrs

Your inspection report is available within 24hrs, including the video footage, images and fixes applied. Reports can be accessed online anytime.

Coming soon:
Realtime reporting is just around the corner. Soon you’ll be able to track our progress, in realtime, via our new online portal.

It's the fixed-price Drainage Inspection every building site needs

Book in your fixed-price Drainage Inspection Package today to dramatically reduce your warranty claims for sewer and stormwater damage created during the building process.

We offer the following services

Basic Drainage Inspection Package

Get the Basic Inspection Package for under $800.

  • Fixed price
  • Post-slab and pre-settlement inspection and fixes
  • Same-day repairs
  • Full reports available within 24 hrs

Optional Extras

Create the perfect Drainage Inspection package for your business by adding in and customising it.

  • Pre-driveway inspection
  • Landscaping inspection
  • Medium-density inspections

Warranty Service

We’ll come out and fix serwer and stormwater issues under your Warranty program

  • Includes an inspection to identify the issue
  • Price dependent on work required

Book Additional Inspections from $150 excl. GST

Where we work

We can inspect your drainage systems anywhere you're building in Victoria, from Melbourne to Ballarat, Torquay, to Pakenham and anywhere in between...

Why choose us?

It’s time to remove a big new home build pain point – long-term damage caused by missed breaks and blockages in the sewer and stormwater drainage system which lead to water damage years down the track (and which you’re liable for). Bring in our one-stop-shop drainage experts to find and fix build site sewer and stormwater damage on the spot so you can get on with the job.


We’re your one-stop-shop for formal sewer and stormwater drain inspections and fixes. We’ll come in, inspect and fix the issues identified straight away. (Larger jobs may need a little coordination with your team.)

Drain Experts

We offer an independent audit of your sewer and stormwater systems on-site, and on the spot fixes by our drainage and plumbing specialists. We’re efficient and we know our drains. This is what we do, and we excel at it.

Save $$$

There’s no doubt that sewer and stormwater systems get damaged during the building process and we’ve proven that inspecting and fixing them at different points within the build process will save you money in the long run.

Inspection Report

Your inspection report is completed within 24 hours, including the video footage, images and fixes applied. Reports can be accessed online if needed. Real-time reporting is just around the corner. Soon you’ll receive updates and reports in real-time while our team are still on the job.


We pride ourselves on our service and we understand running a building site requires careful coordination with little room for suppliers who don’t turn up when they’re scheduled to. We come when we say we will and fix issues on the day we complete the inspection. If it’s urgent, we’ll drop everything to get there when you need us.

We're Tech-savvy and automated

Booking us in is easy and we’re flexible. We can often arrange your inspection within an hour of your booking for urgent jobs (and that’s a 24/7 service).

We offer manual or automated bookings, whatever works best for you. Give us a call to book the team in or integrate your builders’ system with ours to ensure your jobs are automatically added to our booking system, including your slab and pre-settlement dates, to ensure your jobs are booked in proactively.

Coming soon – log your jobs in our system quickly and easily and access inspection reports online in real time.

What our Customers Say

Who we work with

We work with large and small building companies to help them ensure their sewer and stormwater services are in top shape before their new homeowners move in, saving them $$$ in compensation claims because long-term damage is eradicated from the start.

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